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Why should you opt for Skillathon for AI certification training course?

Skillathon Artificial Intelligence training course will equip the students with the necessary skill set to build Artificial Intelligence and accelerated computing applications. Our team of industry experts and corporate trainers curate AI training in a pragmatic, simplistic way for ease of understanding. The course doesn't only get confined to broad understanding of AI training, but it expands and gets into in-depth knowledge of Deep Learning and Machine Learning. Deep Learning and Machine Learning courses are taught as per the industry standards along with real-life cases. With this AI certification training course, students will get the perfect blend of AI training along with Deep Learning and Machine Learning courses.


What would you learn in this Artificial Intelligence course?

The AI training course comprises of various modules specially curated by the trainers to give the whole picture along with strong foundation base to the students. The modules are:

  • Introduction to Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning
  • Python Language Basics, along with IPython, and Jupyter Notebooks
  • Understanding of Built-in Data Structures, Functions, and Files
  • NumPy Basics, Arrays and Vectorized Computation
  • Introduction to pandas
  • Data Loading, Storage, and File Formats
  • Data Cleaning, Preparation, Data Wrangling
  • Plotting and Visualization
  • Data Aggregation and Group Operations
  • Time Series
  • Predictive & Prescriptive Business analytics
  • Business Intelligence ( BI) Development
  • Text Mining and Analytics

Why should you pursue your career in AI?

The current and future demand for AI professionals is stunning. The New York Times reports a guaranteed competitor deficiency for AI Engineers, with less than 10,000 qualified individuals on the planet to fill these employments. The compensation scale is crazy. As indicated by New York Times, AI specialists, including the PhDs or engineers with few years of experience, can be paid from $300,000 to $500,000 per year or more in compensation and stock (or Rs.17 lakhs to Rs. 25 lakhs in India and much more). Skillathon prepares you to compete at a global level to meet the ever-increasing demand of AI specialists through the Artificial Intelligence course/ Deep Learning course/ Machine Learning course.

Three and a half months
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  • Build your skillset
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  • 15% of the CTC for 1 Year
  • Learn Anywhere, Anytime

ML and AI FAQs

What is Machine Learning and AI?

Machine learning is one of the latest technologies in the world of programming and it deals with learning from past data to predict future events. In machine learning, the programmer develops algorithms and code which provides the ability of learning to the computer from data. After learning from the previous data sets, the program generates a model which can be used to predict future event for a given set of input.

AI can be taken as the next step of ML. Inculcating AI implies machines taking their own defined step without or with minimal human intervention. From healthcare to financial services, AI implementation can be seen. Chatbots can be an excellent example of AI in real life

Do I need to have prior programming knowledge for Machine Learning training?

Machine Learning Course does not presume or require any prior knowledge in machine learning. However, to understand the concepts presented and complete the exercises, you need to be proactive in the learning approach. We will definitely train you on the prerequisites of ML and AI, but it is always good to start learning on your own.

Which Language should I learn?

To be able to work with various programming technologies such as Java, Python, Scala and Database concepts is very important. Students and enthusiasts should learn these programming languages to develop a software system that can take data from the data store and use it for machine learning. Being good with Python and more than everything, good with programming logic, is definitely a must-have for ML and AI learners.

What is the Next Big Thing in ML and AI?

ML and Ai are going to drive the innovation and the industries. In many areas, companies have already started implementing robots for carrying out mundane routine tasks such as warehouse management, product delivery and even more complex things as Robots as assistants. Manual intervention will dissipate in many fields and humans will drive more complex, domain-specific, analytical jobs.

What are the most valuable skills for ML and AI?

As per the industry standards, the basic skill sets required for ML and AI are:

  • Mastery of intro-level algebra
  • Proficiency in programming basics
  • Analytical mindset
  • Proficient knowledge of Math & Statistics – Linear Algebra, Calculus, Differential Equations, etc.
  • Knowledge of ML Algorithms & Frameworks
  • Business & Domain knowledge
How should I start learning Machine Learning Algorithms & Frameworks?

You need to be familiar with popular machine learning algorithms such as linear regression, logistic regression, decision trees, random forest, clustering (i.e. K means, hierarchical), reinforcement learning, and neural networks along with the frameworks such as scikit-learn, TensorFlow, Azure, Caffe, Theano, Spark, and Torch. You can definitely start with blogs and free videos. However, we have built a detailed and comprehensive curriculum for you to learn erything along with your peers and trained by industry leaders.

Do I get enough exposure in real-time industry based projects?

Yes, you do. We are a firm believer of the pragmatic and interactive approach of learning and that can only possibly hold true if you get enough exposure to real-time projects. Throughout our course curriculum, you will be provided to work on multiple industry-oriented projects. Please don’t be scared or worried regarding project exposure – you will get plenty!

Do you promise job guarantee?

We provide 100% career assistance program but our success solely depends on you. Nothing can be guaranteed in regards to jobs as we can give you the interviews and the way you perform completely depends upon you.But we assure you that you will have our full support and guidance throughout the process.

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