Building the future of Artificial Intelligence with Skillathon

Artificial Intelligence is the future. Period. We are sure that every person with remote access to the internet will nod to this blatant statement. The rate at which the world is adapting to this changing technology is almost unbelievable. It almost seems like nobody is willing to slow down in this race of automation with every country working hard towards gaining supremacy in the field of artificial intelligence.

Now that all of us have made peace with this new reality, one needs to figure out a way to fit into this reality concerning one’s professional life, especially if their profession involves a tedious, monotonous or a machine replaceable job. Due to this threat to a lot of monotonous jobs, mostly in the technical and even some non-technical fields, several working professionals and young students are rerouting their career path towards the fields of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. Also, this is where Skillathon comes into the picture.

Though more and more platforms for upskilling are opening up on the streets, India still lags in terms of the enormity of its Analytics workforce. We at Skillathon have realized that the problem behind this lag is the inefficiency of the skilled workforce that is currently standing tall. So we have put together a program through which we can reach out to every aspirer who is willing to make the switch and in turn, build a skilled and efficient workforce instead of mass-producing an inefficient workforce.

After putting in prolonged hours of research, we designed our Career Acceleration Programs, by keeping in mind four things in particular. One, the sheer importance to prioritize the quality of services to be provided. Two, the possible versatility in the professional backgrounds of our learner base. Three, prioritizing the need to impart knowledge through a practical and interest provoking approach. And four, a higher outreach.

Through our Career Acceleration Programs, our 12-week vigorous upskilling programs, we envision to build an adept workforce by providing our learners with the best possible educational resources. Hence, we have first tied up with experts from within the industry to impart real-time knowledge to our learners through our live interactive sessions. We designed a curriculum that will help you build your foundations strong as well as gain confidence in the core concepts.

Secondly, we have enabled access to a gamified learning management system to our learners, making the process of learning much more enthralling. This helps us to create transparency among our learners by building an interactive learners’ community.

Thirdly, we have inculcated real-time products as part of our learners’ projects to provide them with a more realistic, industry-oriented experience of the subject.

Lastly, we have eliminated the need for any upfront fee. We strictly adhere to our philosophy of “We benefit only when our learners do”. This implies that we let our learners learn at no upfront fee and instead benefit only after we help them find their way into the industry through placements.

This unique approach of our is already helping hundreds of learners pave their career path in the right direction. So if you are one of the many aspirers looking forward make the career switch, we at Skillathon would be delighted to have you on board!

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