Choose your career: Data Science or Business Analytics

With the vision of the tech savvies for the tech world being brighter than ever, the
number of career choices available for the newly emerging visionaries are numerous. With
data science being one of the top choices, business analytics is also one of the popular
choices even if it isn’t making the headlines as much as data science or machine learning.
The similarities between these two fields and also the huge opportunities available are
leading to a conflict in decision making for many of the budding techies as well as all the
fresh graduates. So in order to help you choose between data science and business
analytics, we have jotted down a few pointers.

Do have a look.

Before knowing what one’s best fit out of the two options is, one needs to
understand the two subjects individually. Here, the processes of both, business analytics
and data science, are fairly similar involving data acquisition, data modeling and information
gathering. The point of difference is their problem statement. Business analytics deals with
problem statements with focus on the organization as a whole. In other words, it helps in
studying the statistical data of the business in hand and uses this information to understand
how the company is moving forward either in terms of numbers and profits or in terms of
expansions. The role of a business analyst also revolves around interacting with the
company’s clientele, understand requirements and convey these requirements accurately to
the product builders. On the other hand, data science helps in looking at the effects of the
external factors on the business. To be more clear, data science analyzes problem
statements such as the effects of customer behavior on businesses. A data scientist not only
analyzes and finds patterns in data and understands these patterns but also predicts how
this information will effect the business and takes suitable decisions.

Now that the two subjects have been defined, let us look at the following pointers
that might can help you pick your path.

1. Let us first talk in terms of skill requirements. A data scientist will not just process
and analyze the data but might also have to use this data to build models and design
and use algorithms. In order to make that happen, one needs to have a good
knowledge of programming languages. But in case of business analytics, knowledge
on programming knowledge is not required but a strong knowledge in business
management and better communication skills are necessary while math, statistics
and database management tools such as SQL are common for both data science and
business analytics. So if you are not a fan of long hours of coding and programming,
and wish to use more of your business skills, then business analytics might be your
way to go.

2. The journey of a business analyst might not start off on a high note if one cannot
prove to be highly skilled on the business side. Though a few years of experience can
take one to a higher point in the career and also for those with an engineering
degree there will be an ease of entry into the industry, the value of a business
analyst only rises by their experience in the business. On the other hand, a data
scientist’s skill will do the talking even from day one. Though it is time taking for one
to prove their skill on paper which might lead to a rocky start, the pace will pick up
soon as they get into the industry. So while a business analyst needs to try to bag as
much experience as possible, a data scientist should try to add as much skill as
3. A business analyst’s pay is slightly lower than that of a data scientist. The average
salary of a business analyst is 6LPA while that of a data scientist is close to 7LPA. But
on the managerial level, the pay is equal for both the parties.

These being some of the major differences that we could find between data science and
business analytics, we hope this article will help you make the right choice.
All the best!

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