Concepts of Machine Learning: The Definition and Application of Deep Learning

Innovations like self-driving and self-parking cars are hitting the roads and virtual assistants are being developed to be more and more personalized. We all know that it is machine learning that majorly runs on the background to take these developments forward. But in this article, let us dig a little deeper and find out how deep learning plays a major role in this era of technological development. 

Firstly, what is deep learning? It is a concept that uses large amounts of labeled data to teach machines to react how a human would. For example, consider google virtual assistant or siri. By feeding the algorithms for these assistants with labeled data about the functionalities of the devices and also the queries made by smartphone users powered by substantial computing power using high performance GPUs which will enable the algorithm to read, process and answer to user requests, deep learning powers these ai-based chatbots.

This phenomenon uses deep neural networks with as many as 150 hidden layers when compared to the 2 to 3 hidden layers in a regular neural network. These layers enable the complex processing required to get the desired results. Did you know that a human brain consists of close to a 100 billion neurons interconnected by a 100 trillion synapses? Now imagine the complexity involved in building a deep neural network in order to mimic even a certain part of human intelligence.

It is therefore safe to say that deep learning is helping us take giant leaps in the world of artificial intelligence. Now that we have given you an idea on how deep learning works, here are some of the milestones that it has helped us achieve in this era of innovation:

Self-driving cars: 

Looks like driverless cars can no longer be used by film makers to make cinema a little spooky. The awareness about these automated automobiles is rising by the day with Tesla making headlines ever so often. Coming to the functionality of self driving cars and how deep learning comes into picture, the system is fed with a million sets of data such as data from camera, sensors and geo-mapping to enable these cars to make their way through traffic. According to reports, the latest development in this field is MIT’s work towards developing automated cars that do not require maps instead use 3-D mapping.


Technology is helping transform the healthcare sector and machine learning, specifically deep learning has a major role to play there. Beginning from more accuracy in diagnosis to discovering new drugs to predict the risks of diseases, it is helping the healthcare industry make great strides.

Visual Recognition:

Visual Recognition is the phenomenon of analyzing images to understand the contents lying within the image such as the faces, food, objects, scenes. This image classification is done using convolutional neural networks which is a concept of deep learning. Visual recognition is useful for sorting out images and also for detection of certain objects thus enabling classification in images.

Detection of fraud news:

Though, the internet has enabled us to have a knowledge of all the events happening all over the globe, there is also tons of junk data and fake news doing the rounds everyday. Deep learning has enabled the detection of such fake news. It also helps in building classifiers which can pick out the fake news and it also helps in forbidding such news from appearing in your news feed.


Deep learning is enabling the development of technology that is suitable to every individual’s needs. Through deep learning, e-commerce platforms are making more personalized recommendations to their customers and chatbots are quickly adapting to their users by collecting and using user’s and customers’ data through authorizations.

Well, these being only some of the many innovations that have been put forward, not to forget the immense progress made by this machine learning concept in detecting developmental delay in children for reasons such as autism, the technological development enabled by artificial intelligence is helping build a strong and a futuristic society.

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