Redefining Conventional in the World of Analytics

Moving out into the corporate world from college with a bag of little something that we learned in all the four years might get us through the initial training days and a couple years more. But with the world’s ever changing career trends, the ever increasing list of skill requirements and the ever emerging new programming and other technical domains, it is extremely important to keep up as none of us want to be called outdated. This is when upskilling makes its grand entry.


Everyone in the technical world now came to realize the importance of upskilling as a result of which there emerged a number of platforms to enable this to happen. So far everybody in this upskilling industry is doing a great job at providing the best possible service to their clients through quality education. But someone who is only just getting accustomed to the idea of upskilling might come face to face with a few conflicts which most definitely need to be acknowledged.


 Firstly, how do you go about this? Are diplomas or master’s specializations useful/necessary? The answer to this is pretty simple. If you are someone who is willing to make a long term commitment to one particular area of your field, then yes, the diploma might land you in your dream job and help you to make it big. But if you are someone who is only looking forward to add to your skillset, try out something new or simply change with the changing trends, you do not necessarily need the fancy paperwork. Like we discussed earlier, the tech world is always coming up with new functionalities and career opportunities. This does not mean that you need to get a diploma every time you wish to switch careers or simply want to add to your skills.


In today’s technologically advancing world, there are new ways to upskill without having to invest heavy on time and money, such as certification programs that help you learn the skill or career acceleration programs that help you to not only learn but also land a job in the said field.


Secondly, how do you choose the right medium to take it forward? There are n number of platforms out there to get access to quality education. The revolutionary switch to online learning is already making the offline training institutes seem like a not very smart investment unless you are taking up a diploma course in which case the competition between online and offline is almost neck to neck. Though online training has huge benefits and is changing the way people make educational decisions, it is still hard to sell the idea to that part of the student community who wish to have a one-on-one relationship with their mentors.


 In order to fulfill this requirement and at the same time keeping in mind the benefits of online training, a new mode of online interactive teaching is now coming into picture where one can not only learn from the comfort of their home but also converse with their mentor to be crystal clear on their subject of choice thus adding the pros of offline training to online training and catering to a much wider audience.


This is the same medium that we chose for Skillathon to enable our learners to have a much better and hands-on experience of learning and upskilling. With the state-of-the-art curriculum designed by experts and an inclusion of real-time projects to provide a real-time experience in addition to the one-on-one mentorship, we are aiming towards redefining the traditional approach to learning and upskilling into the field of analytics.


With all these available options, people today have varied options to choose from and pick what suits them the best and go forward in the process of upskilling. So, this is where we leave you with all the detailed information and hope that you make the best decision for yourself.



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