The Machine Learners' Meet and Greet

Did you ever hear the story of how machine learning saved the world from the wrath of our beloved Hitler? If you haven’t, then this one’s a must read.

At a recent Udacity Meet-Up hosted and sponsored by Skillathon

Our representative put forth this engrossing story of how machine learning proved to be a game changer in an era when such a concept was surely unheard of. In the year 1945, when USA and Britain were struggling to defeat Germany during the second world war due to their heavy weaponry, a spy sent out by the rivals gathered the information that Germany contains a hefty 1400 war tanks which almost forced them to bend the knee and accept defeat until some statisticians came to their rescue. By decoding the sequence numbers on these war tanks they came to a conclusion that the actual estimation was closer to 240. Such a massive difference, right? After receiving this revised information, Britain and America combined with the other European forces put the German forces to rest. Coming to the stats, do you know how close the statisticians’ numbers were to the actuals? Germany was holding possession of 243 war tanks at the time of war. For a time so technologically backward, that precision is uncanny, isn’t it?

This being only one of the many interesting stories shared at the meet-up, a heap of other useful information was passed on between peers, right from the guest speaker describing her experience with Udacity after achieving a facebook scholarship to laying a discussion on GANs and Quantum Computing to working on the Facial Recognition Project on the basis of object detection through the creation of machine learning pipelines.

The attendees of the meet-up took away with them not only a heap of technical knowledge and a bunch of fun facts on machine learning but also found an opportunity to network and bond with their fellow Machine Learning enthusiasts.

In a world that mostly runs virtually, it is events like these that help us connect with each other at a more realistic level and here’s to hoping that more and more of such casually intellectual interactions shall take place ever so often.And for all those enthusiasts who are looking out for such opportunities and more in the world of machine learning, check out the official website of Skillathon.


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