The scope of Data Science in India

Over the last coupe of decades, the IT industry of India has grown a great deal and has even begun to catch up with all regions of technological innovation. The technological innovation of this decade being data science and machine learning, the fever has gradually crept in and data scientist and machine learning engineer are the most fancied job designations for the techies of India. 

The two major reasons that are turning many eyes and attracting ton s of attention towards a career in data sciences other than the very reason of the word going viral all over the internet are the humongous job openings for data scientists and the high paying packages. They have not only driven up the demand for the data science industry but also the education, specifically, the e-learning industry. Let us look at these two reasons with respect to India.

Firstly, the highly numbered Job Vacancies. If statistics are to be believed, the number of job vacancies for data scientists in India until less than a year ago were close to 2.9 million which is an increase from 2.3 million job vacancies in 2015. Another set of statistics commit to a much smaller number of 50,000. Though the difference is vast, the numbers still look pretty good and prove that the rapidly upskilling workforce has a seat saved for a lot of them. With this ever increasing requirement for data scientists, the future does seem very bright for the budding data scientists but it is also to understand the possible reason behind this increase. As it is now known, acknowledged and accepted by everyone around, the available curriculum in most of the hundreds of engineering colleges in India is outdated and not in the same line with the trending technologies of today and so is the approach to education. Hence the availability of skilled and efficient professionals is also scarce. This may, but not definitively, be the reason behind these numerous job openings for skilled data scientists which have been continued to be vacant for a prolonged period of time. So what one needs to understand is that though the scope in data science is high, a job as a data scientist is not an easy catch. The industry definitely has a high requirement for data scientists but it is also on a lookout for those with real skill. So the best way to wade through these waters is by upskilling and proving your skill and efficiency.

The second reason is, as you may have already guessed it, the high pay. The average salary of a data scientist in India is Rs. 10.8 lakhs. The catch here is that the pay is fairly higher for those working in start-ups than in larger organizations. Again, if we turn to statistics, start-ups are paying data scientists 12.5% higher in an attempt to get their hands on the cream of the crowd. One way to bag a higher package is to the expand the skillset. A data scientist who has mastered multiple tools like R, Python as well as SAS and SPSS can also bag a salary hike of up to 25%. A combination of data science and big data will also add big numbers to your salary. So it goes without saying that greater the skill, higher the pay.

To sum it all up, the future of a data scientist in India does seem very secure, even financially, with huge opportunities for growth provided that one is willing to put in equal or more efforts and hard work to build a quality skill set. So if you are someone looking to begin a career in data science, do not fall back and do give it the best you can to squeeze out the merits of this industry.

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