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Why should you opt for Skillathon for Online Data Science & Data Analytics Course?

Skillathon’s Data Science Training and Data Analytics course is built and curated providing special attention in Machine Learning Algorithms such as Decision Trees, K-Means Clustering, Random Forest, along with Naive Bayes using R. Data Science Online Training encompasses a thorough and pragmatic approach towards Statistics, Time Series, Text Mining and an introduction to Deep Learning. Being one of the best data science online training provider, in Skillathon, each technology is taught as a course which comes as a single, comprehensive program inclusive of all the aspects such as theory classes, hands-on training, doubt clearing sessions, test-series, etc. We have been regarded and appraised as one of the best data science online training providers and curators for data analyst training courses.


What would you learn in this Data Science training program?

Data Science is an ocean and we have tried to accumulate and curate a course that fits the industry criteria and upgrade the skill set of the students to prepare them to face and solve any real-life problem. The course comprises of:

  • An overview to Data Science and its implication as well as importance in the real world
  • Project Life cycle, and Data Acquisition
  • Strong fundamental knowledge of Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Conceptual analysis of Prediction and Analysis Segmentation through Clustering
  • Integration of R with Hadoop
  • Shadow management of experienced Data Scientist
  • Introduction and installation of IMPALA
  • Real-time Projects on Data Science, Analytics and Recommender Systems
  • Work on Data Mining, Data Structures, Data Manipulation.

Why should you take the Data Science Course?

Data Science is regarded as the pioneer of the 21st century. There is a dearth of Data Scientists and this is a noteworthy concern for Top MNCs around the globe. his implies that the organizations are prepared to pay as high pay rates as possible to Skilled Data Scientists. This Data Science Course outfits with all the most recent advancements in Big Data, investigation, and R programming. Along these lines you can without much of a stretch take your career graph to the next level after fulfillment of this Data Science Course. Data Scientists are generously compensated and in incredible interest, so begin on your way today with data science training program.

  • Data Scientist is the best occupation of the 21st century - Harvard Business Review
  • The USA only could confront a deficiency of 1.4 - 1.9 million Big Data Analysts by 2018 – Mckinsey
  • The number of Data Science and Analytics job listings is projected to grow by nearly 364,000 listings by 2020 – Forbes
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Data Science FAQs

Do I need to have prior programming knowledge for Data Science training Course?

That’s the most common question we do get from time to time. Data Science has definitely been trending for a long time and programming language is an integral part of it. But it is not a compulsion to be well verses with programming knowledge prior to joining the program. We have a pre-course commencement module where you will be trained in the fundamentals of coding and you will have adequate knowledge and practice on coding before delving deep into Data Science training.

Which Language should I learn? Python or R?

Python and R are the two most ubiquitous languages in Data Science and both have their own communities of staunch supporters who swear by their respective languages. Python has recently outgrown R in the popularity parameter. R is mostly used by statisticians or operations research practitioner. In case of industry-oriented programming, python is preferred.

What is the Next Big Thing in Data Science?

Data Science, easily one of the most exciting fields in the 21st Century, and provider of the hottest jobs of the 21 st century as per Harvard Business Review, has a lot of buzzwords associated with it. Even people outside the field are sufficiently acquainted with terms such as Big Data, Deep Learning, and Neural Networks. Data Science is going to evolve as the backbone for organizational analysis and prediction. It’s going to be on the throne for many years from now.

What are the most valuable skills to learn for a data scientist now?

As per the industry requirements, we have segregated couple of skill sets to establish oneself in the field of Data Science:

  • Understanding of data analyzing tools
  • Programming language knowledge –preferably Python or R
  • Analytical mindset
  • Fundamental knowledge of Statistics
  • Communication skill especially storytelling
  • Visualization
  • Business & Domain knowledge
How should I start learning Python?

If you are quite interested about learning Python and build your career in Data Science, then we would definitely encourage you to start on your own to get some fundamental ideas and get a bit of practice before the course commences. There are online resources or videos you can walk through. However, we train our learners extensively in all the basic skills required which includes python. Hence there is nothing to worry about.

Do I get enough exposure in real-time industry based projects?

Yes, you do. We are a firm believer of the pragmatic and interactive approach of learning and that can only possibly hold true if you get enough exposure to real-time projects. Throughout our course curriculum, you will be provided to work on multiple industry-oriented projects. So, pull up your socks, you will be delving into the fascinating world of Data Science.

How do I prepare for a Data Science Interview?

You need to do the following:

  • Extensive research: Spend the time to understand what the data science team in each organization is working on. You’ll do better in the interview process, and you’ll be able to relate better to future colleagues.
  • Preparations on questions: Prepare for four categories of data science questions: statistics and probability questions, programming questions, business thinking questions, and culture/role fit questions.
  • Coding Practice: Practice using SQL, R, and Python under time constraints. A lot of take-home assignments try to catch you by surprise on this and test your familiarity with the languages in a Short time.
  • Learn from the veterans: You need to learn from those who have walked the path before you and succeeded. In this hyper-competitive space, you need to be on your toe to crack the most demanding job of the world. We will prepare you for that.
  • Be ready: You’ll be asked to go over your past work in detail. Be prepared to run over everything you’ve done with as much specificity as possible, from the tools you used, to why you made different decisions. Be ready to weave a coherent narrative.
Do you promise job guarantee?

We provide 100% career assistance program but our success solely depends on you. Nothing can be guaranteed in regards to jobs as we can give you the interviews and the way you perform completely depends upon you.But we assure you that you will have our full support and guidance throughout the process

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