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Skillathon Turns India's Tech Enthusiasts Into Best Data Scientists.
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Why Be a Hiring Partner with Skillathon?

Have you ever wondered about the huge gap that exists between employer expectation and employee skill set? Has it ever become a barrier for hiring quality resources at one go? If you have ever faced any of the concerns, then you rightly know the importance of upskilling and continuous learning. We believe in a holistic approach to learning by coupling the interactive teaching methodology with real-time industry projects.

1. Candidates that you can rely on

We screen numerous candidates and acknowledge under 10% into our program. Acknowledged learners follow our rigorous curriculum. We check their specialized aptitudes as well as their uprightness. We don't graduate any student who doesn't fulfill our guidelines for specialized aptitudes and course guidelines.

2. You get the autonomy

We are a school, not a staffing organization. Skillathon data scientists work as devoted remote colleagues. You are their manager, not us. We can help with finance and consistency however once you hire Skillathon’s data scientists, we step away and let both of you get the chance to work together without any intervention.

3. Adaptive to real-time challenges

As students joining Skillathon aspire to work in globally recognized companies, we prepare them to tackle real-time problems and solve them in the best way possible.

4. On-boarding is seamless

On-boarding remote employees can sometimes be precarious. Skillathon data scientists are prepared in the best way to be viable remote workers. They are instructed how to onboard themselves into new groups and will even completely adjust with your time zone to work collaboratively.

5. Data scientists with adequate soft skills

We have built up extensive soft skill educational programs that focus on aptitudes and bridge social barriers. Skillathon data scientists comprehend US work culture, making it simple to impart knowledge and work.

Never hired remotely before?

We can deal with majority of the duty, legitimate and strategic complexities for you. We have standard contract layouts, cross money finance and extra support from our Bangaluru office. Contact Us to learn more

Already have a team?

Great then! Have seamless hiring experience and work with the best and sharpest minds of this country.

How It Works

Our Working Process

  • We believe that a winning team can aid in the success of any organisation and promote its growth. Hence finding a fitting candidate is vital to every organisation’s success.
  • But research shows that 8 out of 10 job positions are filled under compromise.

  • Keeping this issue in mind, we at Skillathon have come up with a solution to hand in to build a workforce through mentoring and training and later handing in these qualified personnel to our clientele who are falling short of said talent.

  • The candidates presented to you are mostly professionals who are trained, certified and are well versed with all the tools and technologies of the said fields thus fulfilling all the industry standards.

  • This approach ensures that you no longer need to compromise while choosing the right candidate.


What People Say about us


One of the most fascinating experience ever! The trainers are tremendously knowledgeable in their respective domains and impart knowledge in the most simplistic way possible.


Great learning experience through interactive platforms. Mentors are there to help you and ready to walk the extra miles with you to pave your way up in the corporate ladder.


In simple words to put forth – an outstanding experience. My skepticism towards online learning got shattered and they genuinely swept me off my feet.


A proper boot camp experience which is unheard of in Indian e-learning context! Delved deep right into the ocean of learning and got benefitted immensely.