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Be the Mentor, shape countless minds and make them fly high

Our Instructor outreach program will help the individuals who are enthusiastic about educating and offering their insight to other people. When you become an instructor at Skillathon, you share your insights with our fellow members and take the ownership of transforming their dreams into reality.

As an instructor with Skillathon, you will be furnished with learning the Learning management tools and programs, opportunities, and programs that encourage learning and coordinated effort to make a successful career along with successful mentees.

We have got the industry veterans and education enthusiasts backed by years of experience in the fields of Data Science, Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning so on and so forth. Being the custodian and driver of the change in education, we have been associated with the best minds and universities across the globe such as IISC Bangaluru, IIT Kharagpur, John Hopkins University, Deloitte and many more. Be a part of the elite group and become the shining armour for your fellow students.


You Will Not Only Be Benefitted in Monetary Terms But You Will Also Be Provided with

  • Reach Expansion: Expand your horizon by reaching out to multiple students across the globe. Get exposure to online learning and transform countless lives.
  • Accreditations: We have been accredited by the top certifying bodies of the world. Be a part of the elite brand family.
  • Exponential Network: You will get unprecedented exposure to our extensive network and you will grow your network like never before.